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Why you need a System?

Because people are human and we fail from time to time!

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This virtual session shows you how to plan your way through the pandemic. Where there is a will there is always a way!

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What our customers say

Read what some of our many happy customers say about us

The collaboration will bring valuable business proficiency to occupational therapists who are looking to improve their business knowledge and grow their practices in the rapidly changing healthcare economy.

Amanda Barnes, COTSS-IP

Mike is always a pleasure to speak and meet with, and he has helped set up one good source of referrals for my business. My requirements were to increase my database and reach more clients. This is an ongoing agreement and I look forward to seeing increased results as time goes on.

Paul Dyer, Heybridge Hearing Centre

I approached MG Retail after seeing them at Trade Days promoting the government Growth Voucher scheme. They’re helping me to come up with fresher, newer ideas, and a different way of looking at the markets and sale sector. It’s great to bounce ideas off Mike with his expertise and get different ideas, ideas that work. If anything he’s a therapist!

Lee Knight, Countrywide Mobility Services Ltd.

Our work with Mike and his team at MG Retail aimed to increase the number of enquiries. We were thrilled when Mike and his team’s data implementation program resulted in opening new areas of enquiry. That was beyond our expectations in terms of understanding and the speed with which we were able to find new clients.

Angus Long, Managing Director, Embryonyx

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