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    7 steps to setting up a successful Digital Marketing System

    7 steps to setting up a successful Digital Marketing System

    Consistent, accurate listings will directly benefit business and visibility by boosting its ranking in local search engine results. Search engine optimisation is a complex tool, so why not take advantage of it by simply ensuring your business is listed accurately! Increased visibility means more customers, and what business owner doesn’t want that?

    Search engines have caught on to the popularity of reviews and are now displaying them more prominently. So, if someone searches for your business, there is a chance that reviews from review websites could be displayed on the search engine results pages. In Google’s write up the content that appears includes business reviews and ratings in the results. In other words, when a user performs a search on Google, Google will find and possibly display review summaries from online business reviews and consumer ratings. It’s essential that you claim ownership of your business on the Google platform.

    Social Media
    Social media improves the chances of being found on search engines

    Effective social media use will allow your business to harness the power of another internet beast. Business, owners find SEO to be the most daunting digital marketing tactic to take on. However, by fostering a social media following, providing content that will likely be shared, and interacting with its consumers online, businesses are able to climb the ranks in search engines. The better your ranking, the more likely you are to be found, and thus the social media cycle begins all over again!

    Search engines strive to create the best user experience possible, providing the most relevant, useful information based on the user’s search terms. If they didn’t, users would no longer rely on them for information. This is good news: the more relevant, informative and useful user experience you create on your website, the better the chances that search engines will serve your pages. By practising good search engine optimisation (SEO) habits, you can continually work to increase your search engine results page (SERPs) position.

    Digital advertising increases awareness—it’s that simple. Digital advertising consists of a range of services, all of which work to promote a business online. More, and more businesses are increasing the amount that they spend on digital advertising, and experts like Jamie Turner suggest digital advertising on social platforms is well worth the spend.

    If I were to provide one tip to people who are using social media, it would be this — don’t be afraid of paying for social media reach and clicks.” – Jamie Turner, 60secondmarketer.com

    Businesses on page 2 of the Search Engine Results Page might as well not exist.

    It sounds harsh but it’s simply the reality that we all need to accept, take a closer look at your digital marketing system.


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