Are Exhibitions worth it?

Are Exhibitions worth it?

Are exhibitions worth going to?

Like most events, they have a beginning a middle and an end and without all of these in place then your event could be costly.

Did you know that around 70% of exhibitors don’t have a proactive strategy to engage with visitors? That’s like networking when you go hoping something will come out of it. Exhibiting is costly and so it’s important that you plan to make something happen as a result of attending.

The three key components of a successful exhibition are;

The pre-promotion of the event, give compelling reasons for attendees to engage with you during and after the exhibition.

Ensure that the time spent interacting with attendees leaves nothing out, be sure to communicate why you’re there and what you want from them.

Make sure that you have in place a means to measure the success of the event and track the results it could be months before you see that return.

In a hall full of other competing businesses how does your temporary shop window stand out from the crowd? In the street markets, it’s usually the one with a catchy phrase, the loudest voice or the shiniest well turned out apples. The difference is they are there every week so they are well practised at preparing their space and putting on a show.

Are you sure that the plan you have has been created with a clear focus on a good return on investment at the centre of it? And does that include all costs?

If you’re new to exhibiting or have any reservations about the success of your forthcoming event give us a call and discover what you may need to achieve more exhibiting success.

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