Are the brakes on or off?

Are the brakes on or off?

What if ?

Two little words, that’s all it takes to plant a seed of doubt in somebody’s mind and extinguish the idea they were excited about earlier that day. Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about the things that we cannot change, we leave very little bandwidth to focus on the things that we can. Like gravity, there are some things in life that we cannot alter, but you can surround yourself with positive people.

Now if you change the two words to “if we”, then it becomes a more positive and optimistic opening to whatever comes next.

Now, if you can apply numbers to your if e.g. if we raise our prices our margins will improve which enables us to do XYZ, rather than if we raise our prices we’ll lose customers, an assumption based on your end of the telescope. Customers are much smarter and not as fickle as we may think. However, if you start with what if we raise our prices you’re already looking for a reason not to.

In not suggesting that you raise your prices but it probably is the easiest scenario to identify with in any business. However, if you haven’t raised your prices in a few years, you should perhaps consider it.

Systemisation improves the quality of what we do by employing processes that are not totally human dependent. As a civilisation we have always tried to make things easier by taking the labour out of productivity. So, why when it comes to your business do you continue to toil with things unnecessarily?

Putting systems in place is a smarter way of working, it increases productivity and uses a repeatable process that doesn’t take a day off!

Digital marketing as a system for generating leads, maintaining customer contact, sales follow up etc is a highly effective medium that any business can and should employ…

If you want to know how to deploy digital more effectively within your business, click below.

What if, you had less to worry about?

PS “Nothing changes without first having a conversation”


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