Are you being seen?

Are you being seen?

With the end of the year in sight, it is probably a good time to review the success of the year and the plan for 2019.

With over 4.8m small businesses in the UK, there is a vast amount of choice for the consumer, who would be a customer, so how do you stand out? What makes customers choose you instead of your competition?

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Being Seen

It could be as simple as that, but many businesses don’t fully utilise all of the tools available to them because they are either unaware or don’t have the skills to use them. For many companies getting the website up and running the work stops but there are many ways of replicating the site on different platforms which effectively increases your chances of being found. You may also think that I’m on Google, so the rest isn’t necessary when over 90% of searches are using Google.

If you don’t use digital traffic to drive customers to you strategically, then you are competing with one hand tied behind your back. Bricks and mortar are part of the retail landscape, but the cost of doing business through them is more expensive now than ever before. Footfall to shops is in decline and shows no sign of slowing down, but retailers aren’t using everything available to them.

Having a place on a very busy Google High Street is a start, but many people stop there at just having that and don’t use all of the free and low-cost tools available. In a very crowded space where you need to grab the customers attention, not only do you need a compelling reason for them to buy from you but also as many opportunities as possible. Using the smart free stuff, and linking it all together which doesn’t take too much time can achieve this. More importantly once set up it runs in the background.

Be Heard

The same song with the same lyrics, appeals to a different audience at a different point in time and people will compare, but all will have their favourites. Creating customers that are fans is not a short-term thing and takes time, but it gives your business stability and purpose.

The more places that you can communicate with visitors helps to amplify your message; it’s a digital version of a pop-up shop. Once they are all linked, then the systems self-learn and with additional activity work in the background to deliver you traffic.

Be Local

Your local area can be as small or as big as you want, but to create that market where you are the first choice give your business a chance and use all of the free tools available. There is a vast amount of choice, and it shows no sign of slowing down with competition increasing. All you need to do is create a market of one.

If ten businesses are offering the same as you eight of them will not be getting this right, in a two horse race, it tends to be the one that shouts louder that wins.

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