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    Bounce Back Special

    Bounce Back Special

    Want to get more out of your bounce back loan then take a look at our Back to Business plan

    • It’s vital that you stay in contact with your customers – if you don’t your competitors will. 
    • Where are the majority of your customers spending their time now? … Online.
    • We can help you to inform, educate, entertain your customers, raising your awareness… Online.
    • By building your online visibility and by managing your social media, we want you to leverage this new channel of opportunity. 
    • As a manufacturer or a retailer, staying in touch can be easy and we want to show you how to “Bounce Back“ and be successful… Online.
    • Now is the best time to reach your customers like never before, you could even be introduced to lots more!
    • We appreciate things are a little uncertain and that a marketing budget may not even exist anymore. Yet we still want you to be able to help your customers and others who desperately need your help… not in the future but right now. 
    • So we are asking you to take action and work with us before it’s too late. In return, we will make your business stand out and ensure you’re closer to your customers … Online.
    • Invest in social media for business success in the future. Our “Bounce Back” marketing pack is now available – Apply Here!  

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