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Could you keep them coming back?

Could you keep them coming back?

Retention builds trust​

Developing stronger relationships with your customers so that they stay with your business makes economic sense. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing if you’re getting it right, so actively seek feedback and make it count.

The more customers that you retain, the easier it is to grow your business.

Dormant customers account for a large proportion of most business customer data. What if you could reactivate some of these clients?

You already have a relationship with them, and it, therefore, takes less money and time to rekindle the relationship than start a new one.

Staying in touch doesn’t have to be costly, and it’s a step further in bringing the customer back closer to buying.

Prospects will either respond positively and feel valued or ignore you. Either way, you’re better informed about what to do next with them. Clearly, customers who ‘opt in’ positively to being contacted should be closer to being active customer than not.

Are the foundations in place to have a seamless communication plan for your customer?

Is your marketing calendar set up?

Marketing calendar

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“ Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do!”

Benjamin Spock


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