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Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing

Using the right data in your business to make the decisions that drive your business can be tricky.

Data is everywhere, particularly in the Retail environment long gone are the days where it would be a punt or a stab in the dark.

The multi-site retailers have departments solely focused on finding and leveraging the customer behaviours that they can see in the data they collect on their systems.

Many small retailers don’t have the resource to dedicate to this key function or the specialist knowledge to access and unlock the data you are collecting daily.

From the moment your customer visits your website, Facebook page, Twitter, Google, that keystroke becomes usable data. What did they look at, when did they visit, what drove them to visit and many other questions that need answers?

Those answers could be the formation of the next promotion campaign or a tweak to the current activity.

The problem is the available volume of data can be overwhelming if there isn’t a clear focus or understanding of which key activities drive the business.

Picking out the four key numbers that drive your business forward saves you time and effort.

Also, if the numbers you focus on are weekly instead of monthly you have four opportunities instead of one to make adjustments.

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