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Do you need a social media expert?

Do you need a social media expert?

Does your business need a social media marketing expert?

That depends on what you want it to achieve?

Digital marketing is a key part of marketing for small businesses, but some still consider it to be an expense rather than a cost of doing business. Which comes first the marketing or the sale?

If you want the freedom of not being tied to your screen day in day out then yes, engage a digital marketing agency but beware of the results without a clear brief and a scorecard.

If you want to understand how well it fits in with your offer, then it would be better to have a marketing coach, who will help you to do it yourself, but also you to develop a marketing strategy.

Social media is the quickest, most cost-effective way to reach your audience, and It’s pretty simple too if you know what to do. Here’s a list of the top uses for social media:

1.  Increase awareness of your brand and it’s personality

2.  Promote your brand as a thought leader

3.  Increase website traffic & conversion

4.  Work with others in your industry

5.  Engage with your audience

6.  Get brand inspiration

7.  Reputation management / reviews

8.  Keep up with trends/news in your industry

9.  Customer service & support

10.Building your community



Most businesses will find social media helpful? 

  • Facebook – Great for videos, pictures & adverts
  • LinkedIn – Great for sharing stories/articles, conversation
  • Twitter – A short comment-based platform for conversation and sharing information in threads
  • Instagram – A visual platform perfect for videos & pictures

When choosing a platform, you need to remember three things. 

1. Where is my audience?

2. What content is relevant to them?

3. What platform can I use to add the most value? 

The keep it simple principle is a good one to live by when putting the plan together.

There are three key steps to maintaining your channels – PLAN, PREPARE & AUTOMATE.


Creating a marketing strategy for your business will make life easy for you. Plan out the types of content you want to share, design ideas, and your chosen platforms.


Using a 30-day plan, take the day to sit down and write captions, blog posts and various hashtags you will use throughout the month.


Now for the easy part, after a long day or two of working on your content, you can use sites/apps such as Hootsuite or Smarter Queue to schedule all your posts! This means you can have posts you’ve already written going out without you having to do anything more. The question is, do you need a social marketing expert?

If you are still daunted by the complexity of putting together a digital marketing plan for your business then contact us on info@mgretailconsulting.co.uk where we will be happy to help.


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