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    Don’t Stress…

    Don’t Stress…

    Sharing is Caring: Don’t soldier on alone

    Who would have thought staying at home would be so stressful?

    Six months ago, we might have jumped at the chance to spend more time at home, yet here we are, probably feeling somewhat less enthused.

    Because the reality of dealing with the current situation as a business owner is a little less rosy.

    We’re worried about the future, dealing with financial issues, juggling care and education for children, looking after elderly relations, and all the while still trying to maintain our personal relationships.

    It’s natural to feel stressed, anxious and lost. The pandemic is affecting everyone, you are not alone. It is important to make time for yourself in these chaotic times.

    To help people make home working a success, the British Psychological Society has created the acronym SHARE which can be applied to everyone whether they’re able to work from home, or have had to shut down their business temporarily:

    Safe home working:If at all possible, dedicate a separate space to work in. Invest in a supportive chair and ensure that your desk is at the correct height.
    Help yourself and others:Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Remember customers, clients and employers are all in the same boat: help them and they will help you.
    Adapt to change:Accept that things won’t run as seamlessly as before. Embrace a ‘new normal’. So what if your kids run through your Zoom meeting, or it takes three times as long to get anything done. Everyone is in the same boat. Find a schedule that works for you. 9-5 is often no longer possible, so be flexible to others and to yourself.
    Relieve the pressure:Make time for you. Take regular breaks – even 5 minutes will make a difference. Separate work times and leisure times. Exercise every day – whether it’s a burst of silly dancing around the kitchen, a 30-minute YouTube workout or a 5k run around the neighbourhood. It really does make a huge difference to both your mental and physical health.
    Evaluate:If something doesn’t work – change it! Check-in regularly with your customers, clients or employers and ask them for feedback. We’re all learning a new way to operate our businesses, and live our lives. There will inevitably be adjustments along the way.
    Simple tips to SHARE

    SHARE. It’s a stressful time, but you don’t have to face it alone. Video chat to friends, get outside for a change of scene, take an afternoon off and enjoy spending family time without the pressures of work for a while.

    Perhaps this pandemic has given you a new perspective, perhaps you’re desperate to return to work. We’re all different; we’re all facing different issues, but we’re on the same journey.

    Share the good and the bad and we’ll make it through this. Together.



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