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The Entrepreneurs Marketing System

The Entrepreneurs Marketing System

Know the score

I remember this picture from when I was a teenager playing rugby. And the only thing we had going for us was that we were the underdogs. Our Clubs rugby credentials were all over the news ” Another Bloody Sunday“. We were a team that should never have been in the final. And we were up against rugby league royalty. And the guy that got us there was a chap called Ted Strawbridge. He was just an ordinary dad, not a rugby trainer but he loved the game. He pulled us together as a team.

The one thing he used say to us all the time, was that “you can’t play without the ball”. You can see in the picture, we’re all focused on the ball because that’s what it was all about. And when I think about that, it’s the same in business. If you have one clear focus. And that clear focus is your customer. Then actually it makes it very, very simple what you need to do. Everything you do in your business needs to be focussed solely around servicing that customer the best that you can.

The other thing he used to say as well, was to play with a smile on your face, it makes it easier. And also, the opposition doesn’t know what you’re thinking. And if you put that into business and you smile, when you’re seeing customers, actually that’s your game face. That actually makes them feel better. And a smile is infectious. And it makes the day go quicker even online or on the phone.

“If you can’t read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score you can’t tell the winners from the losers”

Warren Buffet

The whole point of this is that rugby is a game played by a team. And business is a game played by a team but in both games, you need to know the score! Do you know the numbers that would change your business?

Have a great (super productive) week! – and if you’d like real, hands-on help to crack the acquisition of customers continuously for your business through being brilliant AND SYSTEMATIC at marketing then give me a call on 01256 213121!


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