Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to some of our commonly asked questions.

Why is a social media plan so important?

Social media is important for a number of reasons but the principle one is that your customers are out there, and they spend a lot of time online.

What is SEO and why does it matter?

SEO in this context is Sales Engine Optimisation which focuses on the key areas identified in the Snapshot report and fine tuning them so that the engine performs better.

How do I capture email addresses?

Ask for them at every given opportunity and put in place a system to do this automatically.

Explain how does the snapshot work?

The Snapshot works by taking a look at your digital footprint and measures it against comparable businesses. The six key areas that are measured can be worked upon independently or as an integrated plan.

Why is local visibility so important?

Customers like to support local business but they don’t all do a good job of saying what they do and only advertise when sales are low.

How do I get visitors to my website?

This can be done quickly using paid traffic or consistently through SEO. We use a combination of the two for best effect as the buyers will be at different stages.

How do social ads work?

Social ads work by targeting specific audiences through different media platforms. Not all media platforms are the same so the message may need to be adapted for the best results.

Why blog and does it work?

A blog is a great way of sharing information without selling and if the content is interesting then your readers become engaged and interested in you.

How do I get more reviews?

Many businesses simply don’t ask for them but if it becomes part of the top and tailing of your sales process then it’s no longer a chore and the results are very impactful.

Am I tied in to a plan?

No, there are a number of ways to work with us by term or by project but you are in control.

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