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Is your accounting simple and accessible from anywhere?

What is Cloud based Accounting?

Cloud accounting is when you use web-based software to manage your accounting online. It allows you to work securely whenever and wherever you want,. More and more business owner like you, are looking to move into the cloud to help to reduce costs and ensure data is safe and secure.

Here at MG Retail Consulting we work closely with our customers to get to know them and understand their business finances. We help our customers learn the importance of financial statements, assets and liabilities and how to incorporate them into business plans, the development of cash-flow and projected incomes.

We recommend FreeAgent, an ideal Online Accounting system designed for small and medium sized businesses. It simply takes the stress out of managing business finances, with invoicing and expenses and more all in one place and a tidy dashboard that gives an overview of your whole business – from anywhere!

MG Retail Consulting are here to help you to keep your business finances on track and show you how FreeAgent will revolutionise the way you manage your business accounts. Find out if FreeAgent has all the features you need – Start your free 30 day trial today.

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