Getting to know your customer

Getting to know your customer

Increase direct & email acquisition – Acquiring customers is often one of the hardest aspects of running a business, so it’s important to retain them too. Now is the time to display deals, offer bundles that appeal to regular visitors and entice regular product users to purchase more. So, did you invest your time wisely during the winter looking for new customers, how much did your email database grow? Invite all your, potentially new customers to visit your business to learn more. Offer attractive promotions that can only be seen, felt or touched or perhaps raise awareness of a “try before you buy” opportunity. To increase sales and develop your business, every contact is an opportunity to improve your relationship with a customer.

Use a CRM?

If you are thinking about using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System to help you to capture useful information about your customers, there are a number of CRM systems available for you to consider. A CRM will also help you to identify opportunities to generate business and increase sales. Usually enquiries, opportunities and sales are logged on the system, so all customer data is collected, stored and analysed. Functionality varies depending on the system used, but typically includes customer surveys, responses to marketing materials and the creation of landing pages. Often, if an incentive is given, customers are more willing to provide further information. Whatever data you collect, do make sure that you meet data protection laws for any personal information – for both existing and potential customers – that you collect, keep or use.

If you are seriously thinking about a CRM system, it is absolutely vital that you get it right from the start. At MG Retail Consulting, we are mindful of this and it is our top priority to make sure our new clients take that very first step with confidence in the right direction. Contact us here via for further information.

To find out how to retain your customers download our guide here or visit our website for further information www.mgretailconsulting.co.uk


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