Have you had a mini business service?

Many of you may drive a car and have it serviced regularly as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. And the reason you do that is to ensure that it remains reliable and works when you want it to.

Why is it then that things can go unchecked when it comes to our business, break down, and we don’t notice?
Or perhaps the set-up was wrong in the first place, and it’s never worked to full efficiency.

Your digital footprint and the way in which customers interact online will be the difference for many businesses.
Most customers start their search online when looking for products, services and solutions to a problem.

Before 2020, most searches were done using Google, and the volumes of searches grew massively throughout the year.

This is why today, more than ever before, is it important that your business is well represented on the internet. And that you have a system in place to focus on the key activities that drive your business.

The Mini Business Service will give you an overview of your digital footprint and how customers find you. It will also make some recommendations.

To help you get customers regularly and retain them best is by following a system, that works.

Getting the most out of any system needs all the right components to be in place doing their job.

The Mini Business Service will give you an unbiased overview of your digital footprint and how customers currently find you online. It will highlight opportunities available to most small businesses before spending on ads.

1 We first need to understand what your gap is.
You may want to have more regular customers and be able to anticipate customer flow better.

2 Then we take a look at your current marketing and marketing assets
You may have a website and Facebook that give you an online presence but no vehicle for information gathering.

3 Fix your marketing – your business promotion may have relied on word of mouth and some local advertising that has grown your business considerably. However, it would be best if you had a regular marketing plan that works in the background.

4 Knowing the score – here, we measure what works best and the results so that they may be repeated again and again. Also, we help you to look at an evergreen campaign and promotional ones.

If you have a small business and haven’t taken the time to take a look under the bonnet of your sales engine, then perhaps you should take a look at the Mini Business Service.

To take a closer look at your sales engine contact info@mgretailconsulting.co.uk or tel 01256 213020.

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