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    Summer holidays – Have you got it covered?

    Summer holidays – Have you got it covered?

    Everyone looks forward to a summer holiday.Even when you know your business well enough to predict when things are likely to happen, here are a few tips that just may make things a little easier:

    You need to take a breather! Give yourself enough time to organise the roles and jobs that need covering in your business while you are away. This can simply be thinking about a plan and starting to map it out as a draft. It doesn’t need to be exact yet – just the number of people required, of what skill level, and for how long.

    It’s all in the planning – With a plan in place, you can start to identify the challenges faced while you are away. You can now schedule for the busier times and share your concerns with your staff about the predicted shortages. Staff are often grateful for being consulted in plenty of time so they can make their own arrangements. This also creates the opportunity to discuss their willingness to support the business – and their flexibility to cover other roles and responsibilities.

    Keep an open approach – Your staff will be fully aware of the busier times. Even with your holiday planned and a plan in place, you can’t stop them requesting holiday. They are entitled too – or perhaps they are unable to be flexible with dates. Your staff will differ in their adaptability, and in their capability, so your attitude in handling any given situation is key.


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