How good is your service?

How good is your service?

I recently purchased a fridge for my elderly mum as the last one had packed up. It was nothing complicated just a single item, what could possibly go wrong?

We all know that no matter how well you plan, things do go wrong, but the measure of great service is how you deal with them. Needless to say, it did go wrong but it was easy to fix, and there were several opportunities to offer an apology or some acknowledgement of poor service execution and customer disengagement.

The reason I share this with you is that your customers are more likely to give you bad feedback without prompting. What many businesses fail to do is respond to the feedback be it good bad or indifferent and therefore miss an opportunity to improve.
Over 90% of consumers start their research online before making a purchase, and will also read the reviews. The review process should be part of your customer’s journey and it moves the relationship further than being just purely transactional.

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Having a great reputation is good for business, so it makes even more sense not to leave it to chance and systemise it. For more on local advertising online click the button below.


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