It’s all about Service

It’s all about Service


Where retailers have a legacy of bricks & mortar locations and have experienced a negative impact on their sales through the Internet, the recovery should focus on using the low- cost tools available. The difference is that customers already know you, but you don’t know enough about them. Being local gives you the advantage to extend your customer base further afield and attract more customers to your location if you have the right offer.

“The death knell for any enterprise is to glorify the past – no matter how good it was.”Jeff Bezos

Many of you will have experienced the Amazon way of shopping that has disrupted the retail world by using “The Internet of Things” or IOT for short.
IOT is the network of devices such as vehicles and home appliances that use electronics and software to enable the connections that in turn talk to each other. The use of IOT within Amazon allowed them to re-engineer the way they delivered their service, and they did this by taking as much of the human element away as possible.

“Systems work, humans fail.”

However, humans who take ownership of the part they play in delivering excellent customer service are priceless, because they understand the value it can add to a business, and they are more likely to be highly engaged. If you look at the service that you offer today and cannot see a way of improving it, then you’re not looking hard enough.

The five key areas that Amazon use to improve service are;

  • Using facts instead of assumptions
  • Implementing agreed levels of service
  • Following the path from order to fulfilment in detail
  • Getting feedback at every opportunity
  • Creating an environment of accountability

You may be reading this and be wondering “do I need to do this?”

If you take the view that the internet can leverage your business far more quickly than any other communication medium and Amazon are probably the best model using it, what do you think the internet of things can do for you?

Great service used to be the human interaction between the buyer and seller, whilst that important relationship remains, the measurement of service is defined more often in the experience.

See how systems can make your service and business thrive.

Service with a smile

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