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    Joining forces the way forward?

    Joining forces the way forward?

    Re-structuring in the NHS also include plans to modernise community pharmacies with an aim to relieve pressure on other areas of the NHS. Patients are being advised to visit pharmacies rather than GP’s with minor ailments. At the same time, funding to pharmacies is being cut dramatically.

    This is where our communities need to pool resources. Despite the relatively small percentage that uses only private healthcare (between 8-10% depending on your source) there is a rising number of people dipping in and out of the private sector. Pharmacies can work with local health care providers such as Occupational Health and other specialists by signposting and advising different treatments and care.

    An ageing population requires more medication, more equipment and more care. A local pharmacy may become the centre of the community as regards healthcare, so make sure you create a good working relationship together. Whether you are an Occupational Therapist, a small healthcare business or another specialist, ensure your local pharmacy are aware of you. Aware of exactly what you can provide and of how much your costs are.

    By sharing vital information with each other, local healthcare – and the community as a whole become more connected. At the same time, the pressure is relieved where it is strongest – such as A&E departments and physiotherapy waiting lists. It’s a benefit to everyone.

    Most people believe in and support the NHS but when it comes to their own health or that of their family or friends, views may change. If something is available locally at a reasonable cost, especially when it avoids long waiting times, it is often a good solution.


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