Our marketing approach is blended not stirred

Our marketing approach is blended not stirred

What’s yours?

The buying process is evolving, and all is not quite as it used to be. There are many different ways to try to reach new customers, instead of using mass adverts and blind leaflet drops. Customers are looking for more specific information. If they are overwhelmed with information, they have now learnt to ignore the regular messages you are sending them. They choose not to hear or see them. Your customers are still undertaking continuous research, they are still investigating other channels and gaining details in various formats, but now they prefer to do their research in their way.

By adopting digital as part of your marketing mix you can gain access to a more significant number of prospective customers, at a much lower cost. The only reason that many businesses don’t use it effectively is that they tried it and it but what they did didn’t work. The best thing about digital media is that it’s measurable and in real time for the most part.

So. Your customers have done their research online, and with the help of other resources already know a great deal about your product and services without even speaking to you or a member of staff. You need to align your marketing efforts to build trust and capture further interest. When the customer is ready to buy, the sales process is then more straightforward, resulting in more sales.

The lead has been generated and is passed on to Sales – so it should result in an order, right? The answer should be yes, however very often these leads are just not ready to purchase from you. As a result, the same scenario is often played out: Sales speak to the interested party, who decides not to process to a sale, and then marketing is the reason for poor leads. Does this sound familiar?

There are a great many different ways to try to reach new customers for good lead generation to happen. Nurturing techniques need to be in place, to allow relationships and trust to be naturally built. The right information should be sent, at the right time. When the customer is ready to purchase, they will do so from you.


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