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    News Update all change in May

    News Update all change in May

    Why improved access to your business will create new opportunities

    Increase your market size

    • Improved shopping experience makes the customer more likely to return
    • Access a wider audience by catering for their needs and normalising the environment
    • Customers are more likely to stay with you because you show a level of empathy


    Adapting to change

    In business, change is inevitable. It can be disruptive – but shouldn’t be avoided. We are nearly halfway through the year with most of the bank holidays behind us, so it’s time to consider how well your planned strategy is working. Are you ahead or behind? Is it time for a rethink? Learning from mistakes and improving processes makes doing business easier and more stable.

    Where are you looking to improve your business? There are a number of areas that we can help.

    To find out more…


    Spiralling costs

    Each year things seem to cost more in every aspect of everyday life. At MG we have been looking at ways of doing more with less to make our costs more productive and sustainable. Looking at your business through the numbers gives you a different and more focused view on what’s working. It also tells you if you’re measuring the right things. For example everyone measures sales, but different transactions have different margins, values and profitability. Taking a forensic look at your business gives your actions more focus.


    The Problem is…

    Brexit – General Election – NHS cuts – Social Services budget cuts – Increase in minimum wage – Change in pensions – Operating cost increases – Fewer customers – Not enough time…

    There are some things you as an individual cannot change, but don’t use them as an excuse to stop you following your plan. When things don’t go according to plan, you are the last line of defence. If you don’t have a plan your defence can be misdirected. Knowing where you are with your plan and having bite sized goals with focus and purpose, makes all the difference when dealing with setbacks.

    And remember everyone needs help — we can’t do it alone!





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