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    Old ways and new doors

    Old ways and new doors

    Is it really worth it?

    If you’re reading this then you’re probably attending an exhibition sometime soon. Some businesses use exhibiting instead of costly retail space but if there isn’t a structured plan then it can prove more costly.

    Events are great for getting face to face with your audience and potential future customers. Whether you organise your own event or attend one organised by another company the process involved in attending should be similar. Even if you’re a veteran at exhibitions there are always things that can be improved upon, the key is to leave nothing to chance. Simple things that can make a difference to the outcome of your event are;

    • Email marketing
    • Social posting
    • Integrated planning that gives them a reason to visit

    Your reason for being at the event could be to raise the business profile, promoting a new product launch or sell products, in any event, you need a reason why you’re there.

    The biggest challenge that many exhibitors face is driving traffic and visitor engagement and then devising a way of measuring the success of the whole exercise.

    Exhibiting frequently can be like running a market stall the difference here is that the location moves and the audience is new each time. At the other end exhibiting only once or twice a year it’s even more important to get it right and not leave it to chance.

    There is no worse preparation than that of hoping it will be a better show this time, it’s up to you make sure that it’s different and a roaring success.

    Key things to focus on;
    Why are you there
    What does a successful event look like for you
    Who will be responsible overall
    Who are the best people for the stand
    When does your plan countdown begin
    Do you have a list
    What marketing activity is planned before and after the event
    How will you know if you’re on track to meet your objectives

    And after the event what does your post-show process look like
    When do you measure if it was a successful event
    How do you capture conversations and lead data is it automated or manual

    To have a successful event you need to have a system to process the activity and information but more importantly, you do need a plan!

    When you control the controllable and do the unexpected great things start to happen, what are yours?


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