Planning Digital 2020

Planning Digital 2020

Supercharge your marketing with a digital plan

In the last ten years technology has touched and changed our everyday lives beyond recognition.  Take Alexa for example who would have thought that we would be talking to a machine and getting a valid response, and now they want to use it for health advice.
Customers now can access and consume 24/7 not just when the shops are open, which means that your business also needs to be 24/7. The customer’s needs are met further by shopping hours or location, but mostly they need information and access. If you’re spending money on marketing and want more private customers but don’t have a digital plan, then read on.

With over 4.8m small businesses in the UK, there is a massive amount of choice for the consumer, who would be a customer, so how do you stand out? What makes customers choose you instead of your competition?
Your digital presence which in most cases is a website has the potential to communicate information and sell 24/7.  Many businesses miss out on  feedback to us through analytics, but here again, many small businesses don’t have the time to interpret this vital information. Which could mean that your website is costing you money in lost leads and referrals?
If your website cannot walk talk give advice and information, take some relevant details for future follow up, and show some empathy with the visitor, then it is not working for you.

The visitors to your site are anonymous and have no reason to share their identity with you unless you’re offering something that they want, so data capture is vital. It’s also key to the future of your business as they may not be ready now but later with nurture, they will come back.If the site is organised in an easy to follow a short logical path, then the visitor is likely to find what they want and even if they don’t buy on that visit, it is almost sure that they will return because of the initial experience. Remember first impressions are lasting impressions and if you stand out rather than looking the same as your competition its reason to be remembered.
Tell them what you do how you can help them and what you want them to do next, it sounds simple, but many of us don’t look at our sites through the eyes of a customer and try to make the sale too soon.

All sites need traffic so your digital plan needs to be as big as you can make it by accessing and using as many digital assets in a combined integrated way directing traffic to the site. Think of it as having a greater number of entrances to your shop instead of the one door, you can create twenty or more. How visible you are is more achievable now than before and with the right tools in place, staying in front of your target audience will be the core of your future growth.

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