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    Is there money hiding in the work that you do?

    What is Research & Development Tax Relief?

    Research and Development (R & D) tax relief is awarded to businesses that invest in innovation and you could qualify for R&D Tax Relief. This innovation can be in the form of developing new systems, products, materials, devices or any changes to the way your business works.

    The chances are that your business is doing R & D without even realising it. Here are some of the qualifying activities for R & D:

    • Software Development
    • Reduction in Waste
    • Automation
    • Failed & Successful Projects
    • Development of New Materials
    • Improved Processes
    • Development of New & Improved Products

    Don’t miss out on the hidden value in your business.

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    MG Retail Consulting are here to help you determine if your activities are eligible for R&D Tax Relief and if so, you get the best possible return.

    Speak with us today: Tel: 0333 567 1903, email us or if you prefer, just complete the form and we will be in contact with you shortly to find out if you are able to claim your R&D Tax Relief.


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