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Walk Up

Walk Up

Now you can drive diners into your restaurant whether you have a queue or not to help you fill the tables during non-peak and peak times.

Diners can join either via

  1. Remotely queuing with the App when the site has a queue
  2. Use the ”Eat Now” feature meaning even if there isn’t a queue the diner can request a table in real time which the host can accept or reject


Up to 33% more revenue

We bring more diners back than any other system due to our technology. We have a 100% signup rate after trial and 0% churn with our restaurant partners.

Part of an exclusive feed

You’ll be on the list with the busiest and best restaurants accessible to hundreds of thousands of our users. ✅ ✅

Happier diners

We’ve increased the Trip advisor score in several restaurants by as much as 0.4 as diners are better informed and love the simplicity of the experience. 🍗 🍗

Insight like never before

Find out your optimal table layout to maximise turnover speed, new customers vs repeats, which hosts are running things most efficiently and much more! ✅ ✅

Want to increase your revenue and have more customers? Click for the trial information pack below.


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