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Service 24/7

Service 24/7

Service with a smile

Today, retail service is about using technology to serve your customer better and giving them a level of service that leaves them delighted. Small changes can have a significant impact, and that is all you need to gain momentum.

Retailers that adopted the Internet early and developed their systems with the customer at the centre have acknowledged consumer behaviour. The best example of this is Amazon. So, “how do you compete with the biggest retailer in the world with all of their systems and algorithms?”

Amazon gets “personal” by giving us a more personalised shopping experience. This “getting to know you” has boosted retailers’ conversions by using your information and spending habits.

As a local retailer getting to know your customers using systems like Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social Media enable you to stay close to your customer and service them better. Your secret sauce is that you are physically closer to your customer, and you can actually smile at most of them face to face (rather than on a box!)

Service today is 24/7 and your business should be able to deliver this through the platforms that you use.

The BUSINESS INSPECTOR AUDIT is a good indicator of this.

“The best type of service is no service.”

Jeff Bezos


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