Spinning and celebrating

Spinning and celebrating

Check the links in your web

A busy period ahead too for occupational therapists, with the sixth annual World OT Day on October 27th as well as the Occupational Therapy Show at the NEC Birmingham on 23/24 November.

The OT Show in Birmingham is also a popular event featuring over 100 lectures, seminars and workshops, as well as plenty of CPD accredited sessions and hundreds of trade exhibitors and suppliers.

Whether you are celebrating, learning or simply working this month, autumn is a great time to encourage us to appreciate the small things. From the colours in its trees to the sparkling dew on its spider webs, from chatting over a warm coffee, to feeling the crisp chill on an evening walk home. Take time over the small parts of your business too. Being self-employed can be all-consuming, but make sure every link of your own web is connected, whether that is keeping up contacts, tackling the dreaded accounts, or even giving yourself a few hours off. Those small things are more important than we realise. (Especially the ‘time off’ bits…)


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