Time to plan!

Time to plan!

Sixty minutes

Last week the clocks went back and gave us another hour in our week, but if you look back what did you do with that extra hour. Have a lie in reading the paper or did you think about your business? Time is one of those things that when it’s passed you don’t get it back. What you would have done then may be different to what you would do this week, it’s not the same sixty minutes because everything else has moved on. Small changes can have a huge effect on the results achieved in a business and it doesn’t need to be groundbreaking.

When you look at time in the sport, timing is everything, it can be a game of two halves or it can be as short as a ten-second sprint, but we need to get the best result. Likewise in business the more time we spend on perfecting routines and processes the better prepared we are to give of our best performances.

A child growing up and a business have a similar life cycle that takes it through from birth to adolescence and adulthood. With children, we spend time nurturing and teaching them to be better prepared for their path in life, and then we let go.

In it we don’t do the same then the life cycle of our business becomes difficult, and rather than the freedom we had planned it becomes a burden borne out of necessity.

Time is something that we cannot change but if we look at ways in which to do more then we may not have to wait until next year to get an extra hour.

Ali said “make the days count, don’t count the days…


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