What can retail learn from Glastonbury?

What can retail learn from Glastonbury?

This year Glastonbury held its forty-ninth festival and has already started to plan for next years fiftieth. So what can a retailer learn from the festival?
As an event the planning is crucial and everything including the weather conditions is planned for.

What makes Glastonbury special?
An infrequent event happens once a year, with fallow year breaks.
Limited availability only two hundred thousand tickets available online which are sold in 30 minutes.
Appeals to many generations customers have been going back several years, many customers go back more than once.

Why the event although it’s a music festival it started with another sense of purpose around big issues. It started life as the Glastonbury CND Festival and has since added Oxfam, Greenpeace and Water Aid as partners.
The big issue this year was about waste and recycling and our personal responsibility for the planet we live on.
“If not you who if not now when”
By encouraging visitors to “ leave no trace” and take their tents home and not selling bottled water they prevented several hundred tons of waste going to landfill or worse into our oceans.

Although your business may never see two hundred thousand people in five days through the shop or website do you have;

Offers that refresh interest
Limited availability of the product
Or share a
sense of purpose in giving back

If you don’t then it may well be worth a thought to stand out from the crowd. Glastonbury is one of the top ten attended festivals in the world, are you in the top ten in your world?

Be seen be heard and be local, see out how easy it is to find your business on the web.


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