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Where will you go?

Where will you go?

Where will you staycation?

With travel restrictions still in place, many Brits are opting for vacation or staycation at home. In truth, over 60% of Brits will holiday at home this year, which boosts the home and local economies affected, but there is a sting in the tail.

With the additional business comes road congestion, supply and availability issues and service gets impacted.

Let’s take them one at a time.

Traffic – more people, equates to more traffic in areas not designed for queues of traffic on single lanes with passing places or populated by city folk.

Supply and availability – almost all accommodation is fully booked for the coming weeks as schools break for the long summer holiday.

Service – is the sting in the tail, as these areas experience record-breaking weeks with visitor numbers. They cannot do it without staffing. A good proportion of the seasonal staff in hospitality would have been foreign. Still, with a combination of furlough, isolation and Brexit, this is causing real problems for businesses recruiting staff.

So, if your service is a little slow and the staff seem a little hot and bothered, be grateful that you are the one sat waiting.

The pandemic will have a lasting impact on all of us and how we choose to holiday.

It is expected that there will be a shift towards more holidays being at home, enabling more UK destinations to flourish in the future.


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