Which is the best card machine for my business?

Since the global pandemic, the shift towards payments for goods by card has been massive.
With so many different machines, which card machine is best for your business? 

Credit card machines are called card terminals; how they work for small businesses is that they allow customers to purchase by card without needing cash.
The credit card company processes this transaction for a small fee which can be a combination of charges.

The cost of card machines can vary depending upon the type and makeup of your agreement. Monthly charges for devices can be as high as £30 a month.
Also, there are some machines you can purchase outright; however, the trade-off here is much higher transaction charges. 

Other things to consider are flexibility for epos integrations and mobile purchases away from the shop bar or restaurant.

The plus of integration cuts down on mis-keying transactions and can save your business thousands within the year. Integration saves time with no double keying of transactions and end of day reconciliation.

Consider a monthly rental agreement if you currently process more than £10,000 per month. Not only will you save on lower transaction fees, but you will also have online and local support.

If your turnover is below £10k per month, consider Zettle, Square and SumUp; however, if your monthly turnover is above £10k, then Dojo and World Pay are complete offerings.