Why you need EPOS?

Why you need EPOS?

Discover why an Electronic Point of Sales System (EPOS) will help to transform your Retail business

 EPOS has been around since 1974 and with the low-cost systems available today, it makes the technology accessible to every business. The first time a U.P.C. scanner was put to use was in June 1974, at a Marsh’s supermarket in Troy, Ohio. Apparently, the first product that was scanned was…a Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Gum pack.

Return on my investment

  • The first returns come from simply implementing the EPOS system. There are no more errors from staff entering the incorrect prices and you will see immediately a small increase in takings for the same amount of products.
  • You also get returns from the reduced admin and support costs because you have your VAT figures directly from the system for all shops together and can see sales figures immediately without having to get sheets back from shops and add things manually.

 Team engagement

  • By educating and training your staff about the system will enable them to see just how much quicker and easier it will be selling more items. If there is a problem with shrinkage then the system will also help to identify and reduce it.

Use the sales data to optimize your business

 This step requires taking the necessary management time to study reports produced by the EPOS software. Implementations can be applied from reports as shown below:

  • Staff Operation Report & Sales: Every half an hour this report will give you information about how your team works and enable you to have staff on duty at the right time. This is a good way of measuring productivity relative to sales
  • Obsolete & Sell Out Times Report and Stock Reports: Really can help you to understand how many products you should have available or order each day. You will be able to increase stock turnover
  • Promotion Features Reports: Assist with decision-making regarding future actions. Before implementing a promotion you can look at previous sales and decide if you will be profitable by promoting bundled items when they are bought together
  • Gross Margin Reports: These will detail the products that generate the most profit enabling you to remove unprofitable product lines if required


Transform your business with EPOS

  • By implementing EPOS research has shown that it is likely to increase customer retention by 2% and sales by a staggering 20%, so profit grows and administrative headaches are resolved.
  • Key Benefits of EPOS
  • Inventory management
  • Stock to cash
  • Sales reporting
  • Customer retention and spend
  • Accounting and Card integration
  • Increase in team productivity

If you’re considering an EPOS system or not getting the best out of your current one contact us for a no obligation overview.


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