Are you ready for Winter?

Many retailers believe the upcoming winter will be one of the most difficult challenges for small businesses. And some see a myriad of opportunities. How do you prepare for rising living costs and an unpredictable supply chain primarily out of your control?

There will always be buyers for your business and its place in the marketplace, some you will not have identified.

They may not buy from you how you wish to sell, so that it could be the offer, distribution, packaging, price or something else! But you have to identify it and build the solution to fix it. We saw this in the last two years with the shift to online purchasing and communications. Now that the genies are out of the bottle, there’s no going back. So how do you build on that experience and stay connected?

Stay in touch with CRM

The use of social media is the television screen of today. Are you using it?

The thing to note here is that social media is critical and relevant to any business.

Social media and digital marketing give you reach limited only by your imagination and gets you in front of would-be consumers sooner. However, it would amount to nothing without a solid sales process and a world-class follow-up system.

Build your digital plan

Get more clarity in your business about what you do and who you want to serve, then increase focus and accountability.

It’s your ship, and you’re the captain, but for the boat to weather this storm, you must have all hand’s on deck!

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