Planning for 2024 on your TERMS

Planning the year can seem daunting for some business owners, whether you’ve been trading for one year or many. However, it shouldn’t be. Planning the year is a positive statement of intent you commit to implement over the coming months. Unfortunately, many businesses do not complete this exercise as a natural process and, instead, seamlessly roll over into the upcoming year.

But things have changed. You and your business are a year older, more experienced, and have a track record to learn from. Success leaves clues; the key is that you can only plan effectively for the future by reflecting on the past and connecting the dots.

What goals did you set at the start of last year?

What disappointments or regrets did you experience over the last year?

What are you proud of?

Before reflecting on the past, ask yourself, do you still enjoy what you do? It won’t be easy to inspire, lead, and motivate your team to deliver the best version of your business if it doesn’t excite you or fill you with joy. As a business owner, having a clear goal and a plan to deliver it will make it easier for everyone.

As a business owner, it’s essential to consider how much time you will dedicate to running your business. Are you looking to slow down or step back? Remember to balance your work, play, and personal life.

It would help if you also considered how much your business needs to generate to fund your desired lifestyle. Be realistic about your expectations and ensure your business can support your financial goals.

Running a business can be challenging, and you will encounter obstacles. Be prepared to take on some hassle and grief to achieve your goals. Think about what you’re willing to do to make your business work.

When it comes to your plan, don’t start with where you are now; start with where you want to be.

  • Design your life 
  • Cost it out 
  • Transpose those numbers into your plan
  • Create the plan that you need to implement

Most people only reach their goals if they need to define them!

To succeed in 2024, you must have a clear and meaningful goal with personal consequences for failure.

Control the controllable 

Your attitude towards the plan is crucial to its success. Your clear and focused actions must aim to deliver the plan.


In 2024, it is crucial to have robust systems in place for effective follow-up procedures. A well-thought-out plan and an automated system that operates around the clock will be the most efficient. Incorporating a touch of artificial intelligence will give your business an edge over competitors in your industry.

Here are some resources to help you with planning your best year.

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