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  • Planning for 2024 on your TERMS

    Planning for 2024 on your TERMS

    What are you proud of?

  • Banishing the Time Vampires

    Banishing the Time Vampires

    Okay, there’s no way of dressing this up. Here’s the truth, most of us don’t use our time to the best of our ability. If your business isn’t where you want it to be, and you’re not living the life you want, you need to face up to reality. You need to value your time…

  • Services that Scale your Business

    Most companies spend a lot of time, money, and effort building a website to attract a prospective customer’s attention for 8 seconds. And when they don’t make a purchase, they forget about them. If they don’t have enough traffic, they spend money on advertising, and again, when they don’t buy, they forget them. Businesses spend…

  • A Christmas Survival Guide

    A Christmas Survival Guide

    Surviving Christmas means different things to different people and their respective businesses. Christmas could be the most critical time of the year, and you only have a very narrow window of opportunity. Or. Christmas is your quietest time, and the sales from the summer carry you through the winter period. Either way, Christmas this year…

  • Have you had a mini business service?

    Have you had a mini business service?

    Many of you may drive a car and have it serviced regularly as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. And the reason you do that is to ensure that it remains reliable and works when you want it to. Why is it then that things can go unchecked when it comes to our business, break down, and…