Work within a group

Work within a group

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Work within a group

Surround yourself with a community of like-minded business owners whilst starting to grow and improve your business.

Can you relate to any of these statements?

  • Would you love to expand your business or grow a team but feel it isn’t possible for you because everyone wants to see you?
  • Do you already have a team …but are frustrated that your colleagues are never anywhere near as busy as you?
  • Are you tired of seeing your team sitting idle while you are busy bringing in new business?
  • You love what you do but increasingly finish your days feeling drained and burnt out?
  • Are you frustrated that your bank balance never seems to show how hard you work?
  • Would getting a reliable steady flow of new customers solve a lot of problems for you? 
  • Do you get frustrated and overwhelmed by digital marketing?Or feel held hostage by technology?

Then you are in the right place!

I was there once for a while and then it struck me

Focus on less and achieve more!

  • A live snapshot of your digital assets and how they’re performing
  • A report covering six key areas for growth with a summary and actions to take.
  • In total there are over 75 checkpoints covered in the analysis and the call.
  • A good place to start if unsure as to what to do next. 

To take your business from where it is now…to where you really want it to be.

Just because you are great at your job does not mean you automatically have the know-how to grow and market your business. The Business Growth Accelerator Program helps business owners get a reliable supply of new customers.

…so you can build a profitable business sustainably.

What is the Business Growth Accelerator Program?

This program gives you the step-by-step help and support, to grow your business into what YOU want it to be!

How do we get you from where you are now to a profitable and thriving business?

When you sign up for Business Growth Accelerator, we are going on a journey together.

We are going to move you to where you want to be in terms of profitability, client numbers, working hours and a reliable supply of new customers.

In simple terms we follow the 4 steps below:

Create Your Success Roadmap

We get open and honest about:

  • where you are now
  • get crystal clear about where you want your business to be
  • the exact customer numbers and steps to get you there
  • and then get you there!!

Get a Reliable Supply of New Customers into Your Business

Lots of businessowners are spending money and precious time on marketing that just isn’t working for them. We’ve got the marketing that works and can help you to discover:

  • the best marketing methods for your business
  • effect marketing strategies and step by step support and guidance to implement them
  • internal marketing strategies that don’t cost a penny but add 1000s to your business every year.

Building sales and admin systems allows your business to function well without everything relying upon you. 

Free Yourself from the Day to Day Grind

Time to unburden you from some of the day-to-day to grind of your business so you can focus on driving the business forward. 

This powerful step may be as simple as:

  • getting your phones answered,
  • outsourcing the techy stuff you hatethat slows you down
  • adding new team members. 

Building sales and admin systems allows your business to function well without everything relying upon you. 

Create a Success Scoreboard to Keep You in Complete Control of Your Growth

Say goodbye to not knowing which bits of your marketing are working. You’ll be able to test and measure what is working for your business…and amplify what’s working well.

In this vital step, you’ll discover exactly how to monitor your admin and sales team’s performance to dramatically increase your profits.

What is Included in the Program:

  • Business Growth Accelerator sessions – you’ll join your fellow accelerators every six weeks online. These highly focussed sessions will get you the tailored help and support you need to GET YOUR BUSINESS WHERE YOU WANT IT TO BE.
  • Small group ( max 8 )…so you get the support you need and don’t get lost in a crowd.  
  • Access to optional monthly drop-in calls to get extra support if needed. 
  • Unlimited email support Monday to Thursday to answer any questions, troubleshoot and give you input on your marketing. 
  • Individual Regular Marketing Reviews– Included in your email support Mike will help you and give you feedback on how to improve the results from your marketing dramatically…never feel alone again.
  • Access all of our FREE STUFF and step-by-step How-to guides to give you the tools and know-how to get social media and Google working for your business finally.

This is for business owners serious about growing and putting in the work required between sessions.

What to Expect on this Program

✅ Access to Business Growth resources with Mike to guide you to exactly what is the right next step for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS

✅ Discovering how to dramatically improve the results of your marketing

✅ Help to develop internal marketing systems increase your profits without spending a penny on marketing

✅ Much faster results versus ploughing along and muddling through by yourself

Lots of accountability – ideal if you struggle to get things done in your business.

What NOT to Expect

❌ Being left to go through hours of content by yourself. All our resources are concise and built with busy owners in mind. 

❌ Being advised that to increase your prices is the only way to grow your business

❌ Encouragement to put huge discounted offers in place that devalue your offer and make you feel uncomfortable

❌ Feeling overwhelmed, out of your depth or left behind. 

❌ Having to spend hours creating content for social blooming media.

To Allow Everyone to get Personalised, Step by Step Feedback, Support and Attention… Places are limited to 8 People – last few places available.