Where are you on the Money Pyramid

80% of Retailers are wrong about everything. Here’s the proof!

When you started in business, you had a dream. A goal.

Maybe it was the flexibility of being your own boss, the money, independence, or a sense of purpose. But somewhere between your first day in business and today you’ve compromised. Things haven’t quite turned out how you planned. You’re working longer and harder than you planned or expected.

But guess what? You’re not alone.

The financial success of ALL businesses broadly breaks down into 5 segments. Every business owner is somewhere on this pyramid – whereabout are you?

These 7 rules will help download them here.

80% are ‘just getting by ‘or ‘broke’ – they never planned it that way.

One characteristic that is missing for most of the businesses in these 2 segments is how they market their business.

Things have changed and it’s no good now just taking out a big ad in Yellow Pages. You have to play a different game.

Many retailers believe the upcoming winter will be one of the most difficult challenges for many years. How do you prepare for rising living costs and an unpredictable supply chain primarily out of your control? 

Some of you will take it as bad news and use it as an excuse. They might even cut back on marketing or ’bury their head in the sand’. Others will see an opportunity. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, it’s not an option to do nothing if you want your business to survive. 

In the last two years, we’ve seen a massive shift to online purchasing and communications. Now that the genie’s out of the bottle, there’s no going back. So, how do you build on that experience and stay connected?

Typically, customers arrive at your door saying I didn’t know you were here, when looking for a solution.

But what if you started to build relationships with potential clients earlier?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your customers don’t use the internet. They do – FACT.

They’re not going into the library or looking for you in the Thomson’s Local. They’re asking Google and Alexa.

In today’s market, you have to think differently!

If you’d like help implementing the 7 rules and particularly moving YOUR business up the pyramid, then let’s have a chat. Call Mike on 01256 213020 or email me at  info@mgretailconsulting.co.uk