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Coaching 121

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Coaching 121

Are You Ready to Grow Your Small Business?

One to one business coaching is the fastest path towards living life on your terms! Does This Describe You? You have an established business you want to grow and expand but are worried you don’t have the marketing expertise to do it. You are a solo trader frustrated that everything relies on you and you would like to grow a team but can’t find the time to make it happen. You are a new business and want to fast track your growth and learn the marketing skills to move forward. You’ve run out of ideas and would love to reduce your costs without seeing your income drop, but just can’t see how that is possible. If this sounds like you, one on one business mentoring is the fastest and most effective way to earn more and grow your business.

Here are Some Common Problems We Can Address in Your Coaching Sessions

  1. You would love to specialise, but you can’t afford to -If reducing your customers has been a goal for a long time but hasn’t even come close to happening, we will focus on building a business that works for you and not the other way around.
  2. You need more of the right new customers– If you have a list that has taken a while to grow, we will build a compelling new customer generation system that will provide a reliable, steady flow of new customers for your team.
  3. You feel left behind by social media and digital marketing– I will guide you through practical, tried and tested methods that work. These methods will make social media and Google work for your business.
  4. You would like more free time to spend with family and friends– If you are working long hours with little or no work-life balance, we will focus on building systems to ensure your business runs appropriately without you, so you can take that holiday without being glued to your phone.
  5. Your bank balance gives you the blues – Frustrated that your bank balance never seems to reflect how hard you are working? We will identify the leaks in your business that you are often way too busy and overwhelmed to notice, that are costing you thousands every year.

Just A Few Of The Things We Can Do Together

Identify and plug the leaks in your business that could be costing you thousands every year.

Create solid sales and administrative systems and procedures in your business that will free you from the day to day grind of business ownership and let you enjoy more time with your family and friends.

Only serve the customers you WANT to see and work only the hours you WANT to work, or take a break altogether.

Identify neglected profit opportunities already present in your business and capitalise on them.

Set up valuable referral systems that allow free word of mouth referrals to come pouring in for your team, with very little effort from you.

Build an up to date master marketing strategy without writing a single blog or social media post, to produce a reliable consistent flow of new patients into your practice.

Create systems for your team to promote best practice and avoid under servicing.

Develop clear short and long term goals and use simple daily steps to achieve them.

Learn effective time management strategies to get more stuff done and move you faster towards your goals.

How Does My One to One Business Growth Coaching Program Work?

One to One Business Coaching Program – Accelerator

This program includes:

  • A 60-minute call with me via Zoom every two weeks
  • Unlimited email support Monday through Thursday.
  • Comprehensive business diagnostic
  • Unlimited access to all my Growth resources and affiliated programs and Website Success. 

Your investment for the program is £499 per month.

No Long-term Contracts or Commitment Required

This program isn’t for everyone.

Remember, you can cancel your business growth program anytime, so you’re in control. If you don’t think you are getting great value, then I don’t want you to be paying me. It’s that simple.

However, I recommend that you plan for at least six months of coaching when you sign-up because success is rarely instant. It takes some time and commitment. Only in this coaching program are you in control of the responsibility!

If I don’t provide you with the advice you need to increase profits dramatically, you can cancel anytime.

But as I said, this program isn’t for everyone. This program is for highly motivated people who want to see business growth. You want the financial freedom and lifestyle that comes from having a successful business which has been fully systematised so it can run without YOU.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know it can feel risky to take on a new business mentor and commit hard earned money whilst not being totally sure if the program is for you.

To reduce this risk and to encourage you to take massive action in your business, we offer all new mentoring clients a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If, at any time in the first 30 days of your coaching program you feel that you are not getting incredible value, increasing your profits, and moving quickly towards the goals we have set, then let me know and I will refund all coaching money paid up to this point.

Please be aware that If you join this program and don’t put in the effort, you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for. You’ll only grow your business if you take the time to implement what you learn. 

This is a twelve-month program